If you would like to send PLOTTER files to your
Postscript PRINTER, or resize POSTSCRIPT
pages, you have come to the right place!

The utility program I offer will translate HPGL and DMPL Plotter files to POSTSCRIPT files, or send them directly to your Postscript PRINTER. Several different files (or multiple copies of the same file) may be combined into a single file for printing. Prior to conversion, files may be independently scaled in X and Y (resized), independently rotated to any angle, and independently placed anywhere on your paper including on top of one another, and partially or completely off the printed page. You may compose your printed page in PORTRAIT mode or LANDSCAPE mode. And, with plotter files you may independently specify line thickness.

POSTSCRIPT files may also be used for input, and may likewise be scaled, rotated, and placed wherever you wish, and combined with plotter files on the same printed page.

P2P.EXE runs interactively using mouse and keyboard. It maintains a configuration file that saves your operating preferences. P2P.EXE also may be run from the DOS command line using command line arguments for file names and other parameters. One can run the P2P utility directly from the command line or with a BATCH file to update any number of files automatically. P2P.EXE generates a special .p2p file for each output file. This .p2p file saves all output parameters such as source and output file names, plus placement, rotation, and sizing data for each input file so that during future invocations for the purpose of updating that particular output, you do not have to reconstruct the original data in order to replicate it.

Until this becomes burdensome I am offering the following FREE trial:

Send an e-mail to  with Subject line:  'P2P',  requesting, "Please CONVERT attached HPGL or DMPL file to a POSTSCRIPT file." Send the HPGL or DMPL file as an attachment to your e-mail message. I will attach the output postscript file to my reply. FREE!

Should you decide that you would like to purchase this unique utility, I am offering this software for a price of $20.00 US. Upon receipt of your check or money order for this amount payable to RICHARD BENTLEY, and a working E-MAIL address, I will send a copy of the program to the purchaser via E-MAIL attachment.

I am, and will continue to be, available for questions or comments, PLUS technical support in your use of this utility program by phone or e-mail at the number and address listed below.

Contact   DICK BENTLEY  the author of   P2P.EXE   by calling   (518-359-9300)

Mount Arab, Box 786
Tupper Lake, NY 12986

OR  e-mail:


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